A Brief Introduction

From infecting the family computer with viruses via Napster and LimeWire to educating business owners on the cybersecurity landscape of the 4th industrial revolution, I’ve lived the IT evolution. My early days, marked by system crashes and endless Help Desk calls, transformed into roles managing IT complexities at conventions, trade shows, and other large-scale events. When the pandemic hit, I pivoted, diving deep into cyber security and becoming a beacon for those mystified by tech.

Outside of the IT realm, I geek out over episodes of “King of the Hill” and am a fervent fan of fight sports, from UFC to One Championship. I’m even a longtime practitioner of several martial art forms (my love for kickboxing is much like my approach to technology: strategic, dynamic, and always ready for the next challenge). Connect with me, and let’s spar over tech insights or the latest UFC bout!