Company: OPACC

Title: Cybersecurity Advisor, Business Development Coordinator

  • Develop key business and marketing strategies to position our start-up product, a vulnerability management software (PulseCheck) to SMB owners.
  • Educate SMB owners on cybersecurity awareness topics and the modern cybersecurity landscape, highlighting the need for vulnerability scanning software.
  • Utilize OSINT to generate a targeted leads list of over 250 prospective customers, assisting the sales team in their outreach efforts.

Company: Log(N) Pacific

Title: LeveldCareers Cybersecurity Discord Technician (Volunteer/Internship Program)

I monitor the LeveldCareers cybersecurity course’s Discord channel, assisting those in the course with troubleshooting a diverse range of IT and cybersecurity issues. Primary topics covered are:

  • Microsoft Azure, Virtual Machines, Active Directory
  • Log Analytics Workspaces, KQL
  • Firewalls, Network Security Groups, Virtual Networks

Company: Cyber Education & Awareness Community Outreach, December 2022 – Present

Title: Volunteer (Self-Organized Endeavor)

I advertise a self-organized, free cybersecurity consultation service for small businesses and families in my local community, covering cyber hygiene, online safety, and more. I am to:

  • Empower small businesses and individuals with the knowledge and tools needed to maintain optimal digital hygiene.
  • Deliver customized recommendations for password managers, MFA, antivirus, backups, VPNs, and online best practices for children, resulting in improved security and peace of mind for clients.
  • Demonstrate expertise in home and wireless network security to a diverse range of clients, leveraging strong interpersonal skills to communicate complex technical concepts in a concise manner.

Company: Various (Independent Contractor), May 2018 – October 2019

Title: IT Support

  • Saved client at least $54,000 by maintaining uptime and securing backups during a chain-wide Windows 10 installation on all back office workstations and PoS terminals, inspecting physical network infrastructure and PoS peripherals for damage.
  • Lead a team of three IT Support Technicians tasked with troubleshooting, configuring, and patching Windows 10 and client’s proprietary software inside of a $1.3 million tour bus.
  • Generated written weekly summaries to client, and contributed as an IT SME in the marketing department’s scrum meetings.
  • Executed a $150,000 outreach campaign addressing cyber hygiene and cyber scam awareness such as password management, MFA, AV software, phishing, and other common social engineering attacks.

Company: Intelli-Shield, Inc., October 2014 – May 2015

Title: Data Center Assistant

  • Assisted in the installation of thousands of feet of cat5, cat6, and power supply cabling in a multi-million dollar data center complex.
  • Completed extensive security control training program as a prerequisite to employment.

Company: Terra Firma Consulting. 2012 – Present

Title: Owner

  • Assisted over 100 brands in executing experiential marketing using social media, guerilla, and traditional marketing.
  • Utilized marketing strategy to drive successful lead generation campaigns resulting in exponential growth for clients.